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Designer furniture

Astonishing furniture for flabbergasting homes

Designer furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. Deciding which style best fits your home is not exactly a walk in the park, bearing in mind the broad range of designer furniture out there.


With years of expertise as a designer furniture retailer under our belt, we know how to cherrypick precisely those pieces of furniture that push the look and feel of your property to the next level. Ready to shape your house into a unique home?

Our story

Designer furniture captures the essence of your home, like architecture on a minor scale.

Enchanted by the sheer beauty of Andalusia, Meublaria founder Yves Marynen has been living in the region for several years, a bustling social hub for epicurean but refined sunseekers like himself. He noticed both the coastal and inland areas of the region were teeming with luxurious mansions, but still he experienced difficulties in finding his ideal home due to the general lack of remarkable designer furniture and the unique ‘flavour’ this provides. Having restyled and finetuned his own home, his mission now is to add an exclusive but highly personalized touch to each of these mansions, from the old and cozy Andalusian properties to the rapidly growing ultramodern communities and luxurious penthouses.


Yves is inspired by a broad range of design styles and he has a particular interest in contemporary, modern furniture and high-end brands. He is able to fluently translate the ideas of his international clientele into extraordinary furniture, topping it all off with his typically Belgian service and hands-on attitude. An ideal match for property owners or interior architects in southern Spain who are looking to complement their homes, gardens or terraces with luxury furniture.

All-round decorative transformations.

Looking for interior or garden furniture to enrich your living experience? Let us inspire you with the latest trends in urban modern, classic French, oriental, Scandinavian, minimalistic, art deco and many other furniture styles.

High-end furniture brands

Meublaria exclusively works with a select number of (mostly Belgian) established brands such as Studio Stirling, Sixinch, Serax and Walfilii. That way, we are able to hand-pick the designer furniture that’s harmoniously in tune with your home and lifestyle.

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